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Dutch Classics 6


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Standalone update performance

All versions

This update considerably reduces the size of many of the textures that are included in Dutch Classics 6. If you use Dutch Classics 6 on a pc with limited capacity, this patch can improve the performance because much less video memory and internal memory is required for the trains. Installation: start the installer exe. The installation path should point to the MAIN folder of Train Simulator, usually the folder name is 'Railworks'. If this path is not shown, you can select it with the browse button. Deinstallation: reinstall Dutch Classics 6.

Update version 1.00 -> 1.01

Versie 1.0, before dec 2013

Recommended patch; improvements:
  • The behavior of the brakes in expert mode;
  • A number of small corrections in the passenger views;
  • The sound of the train brake is now configurable in six volume steps with a keyboard keypress;
  • The kwitteren in expert mode can be deactivated;
  • Better support for resuming scenarios;
  • Light switching works well now with the keybaord key combinations;
  • the horn sound has been reprocessed and has been improved;
  • A horn covering grid on one of the EMU's has been reimported where it seemed to be omitted;