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Dutch Classics 10 - Materieel 1946 ELD2

With this add on we move a little further back in time than with most other Dutch Classics add ons. "Materieel 1946", as this two part EMU series was called, was the first new type of streamlined electric EMU's after the end of the second world war. As the name suggests, the first types were introduced on the Dutch railway network in 1946. With its rounded nose shape it had a characteristic and beautiful appearance, although in last years of its active service, lack of active maintenance had its impact on the EMU's. During that time they were not so popular with Dutch engine drivers, because of the cramped cabin with not so comfortable seating and the limited collision protection compared to the other EMU types, such as Materieel 1954. The EMU's were in service between 1946 and 1983. They were developed after their predecessors, Materieel 1936 and Materieel 1940, which featured the same nose, but with a different composition and interior, so that they were considerably different from the older types of EMU's. In this add on you find the two part of the Materieel 1946 EMU's.

The EMU's have been modelled in every variant and edition that they were in service in during their active life. The olive green, the well known green with yellow stylized painted 'wing' on the nose of the EMU's and of couse the modernized, yellow version of the EMU's are included in this add on.

Just like in the other add ons of Dutch Classics, the EMU's are represented in high detail. The interior has been rendered realistically, based on photo textures and with realistic light and shadow effects. Just like the interior, the exterior of the EMU's has been rebuilt with many details. You will not only see the realism when you observe the trains from a distance or in bird perspective, but also when you see them on a high resolution monitor or in a multi monitor setup with DTG Train Simulator. A large part of the details of the real EMU's has been added to the virtual 3D model of the trains. Our limit for the level of detail has only been set by the technical limitations of Train Simulator - playability and computer resource limits. As a source for the digital representation of the trains, both first hand experiences (photos and videos of the real Mat'46) and several resources, such as books and sources on the internet.

The EMU's contain usual features of Dutch Classics add ons:

  • Exterior modelled with accuracy, with correct dimensions and shaping, with many details
  • The EMU's feature a shared bogie between the coaches, which as been technically implemented with the correct operation
  • Realistic cabin, based on the original with functional instrument panel and with many animations, from the buttons and lights of the instruments to the windows that can be opened for fresh air and the three windshield wipers which can be operated independently (two of them are manually operated in the simulation, just like in the original EMU's)
  • Switchable from simple mode to expert mode for more realism in the operation of the EMU's as a virtuele engine driver (many expert mode functions however are also available in simple mode, however).
  • In consists the EMU's can be combined with the Materieel 1954 en Materieel 1957 EMUY's, just like in the real world
  • Four realistic passenger views in the coaches of the EMU's, including the classic and the modernized versions
  • Levels of Detail have been used in the 3D models, so that detail is shown on close views but is omitted when observing the trains for a larger distance.
  • Optimized for memory use where possible
  • Dynamische numbering implemented
  • More than 60 consists are included. These are composed of different combinations of the EMU's. Also, consists with combinations with the Materieel 1954 EMU's of Dutch Classics 6 and 8 have been created. For these consists, it is required that Dutch Classics 6 and or Dutch Classics 8 are installed.

Except for the consists, a number of simple scenarios is included for the following routes:

  • TestTrak route
  • HCC Berkendam-route

Let op!:In case you do not own the above routes, the scenarios for these routes are unfortunately not available. Of course you can always use the EMU's in a route of your choice and in your own custom scenarios or in quickdrive.

For the scenarios for the HCC Berkendam route, this add on is required. The add on can be obtained online from the Dutch HCC Trainsim IG (http://www.hcc-trainsimig.nl).

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