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Dutch Classics 9 - Passenger coaches Plan E 1st - 1st + 2nd - 2nd - 3rd class

For this add on for Train Simulator we recreated the Dutch passenger coach series Plan E in very high detail. This coach series was an important part of the passenger rolling stock fleet of the Dutch Railways in the second half of the twentieth century. Of the passenger coach class the following coach types have been built:

  • Second class, later first class
  • Third class, later second class
  • Combined first and second class

Of the two first series, both the classic and the modernised versions are available with several sub variations. Of the traditional edition, the coaches in delivery configurations are included - completely fresh painted with brand new looks. Of the latest variations of the first and second class coaches, a weathered version has been created which shows how wind, weather and climate affected the coaches at the end of their operational life.

The 3d models of the coaches have been created with a lot of attention to detail. The interior of the coaches has been rendered with realistic lighting, using photorealistic textures. The coaches look realistic not only when viewed from a birds perspective , but also when viewed from close distance or in high resolution in a multi monitor setup of Train Simulator.

You can find back a large part of the details of the real coaches in the 3d model. We limited ourselves only by the technical capabilities of Train Simulator - a balance between performance and detail has been sought.

The coaches contain features that you are used to from the add ons of Dutch Classics:

  • Full passenger view in the third/second class coaches, where you can walk through the complete from the front to the back; on several places you can take a seat and enjoy the virtual train ride
  • Limited passenger view in the first class coaches
  • Interactive versions of every coach type and variation with an operating panel where you can find switches to control the most important functions of the coaches
  • Switchable destination plates on the outside with the most common destinations of the coaches
  • Switchable interior lights, independent front and tail lights
  • Passenger doors can be opened and closed manually
  • Use of levels of detail: more detail can be seen where required and details are simplified where possible in order to maintain performance
  • Dynamic numbering, including the later computer numbering with the original numbering scheme
  • We chose to include more than 140 consists with this add on with a lot of different configurations of the coaches for the eras that they were in service in - for the consists, either the 1100, 1200 or 1300 engines of Dutch Classics are required. For some of the consists, Dutch Classics 7 or Megapack 1 is required, this brings you a higher level of variation in different consists.
  • Extensive instruction manual that describes history and features of the coaches; the manual includes a full list of all coach variations. Please note: a this time the manual is in Dutch language. Translation in progress!
  • a number of scenarios is included for the following routes:

    • TestTrak route
    • Ruhr-Sieg route
    • HCC Berkendam-route

    Please note!:If you do not posess the routes mentioned above, the scenarios are unavailable in your version of Train Simulator. Of course you can always use the coaches in quickdrive or in custom scenarios in a route of your choics.

    For the scenarios in the Ruhr Sieg route and TestTrack, the European Loco and Asset Pack is required. For the scenarios for the historic Berkendam route, the HCC Berkendam route is required. This route can be obtained through the Dutch HCC trainsim website and can be purchased online (http://www.hcc-trainsimig.nl).

    For the use of the quickdrive consists that are included in this add on, either the1100 engine series, the 1200 engine seriesor the 1300 engine seriesis required. For some quickdrive consists, Dutch Classics Megapack 1 or Dutch Classics 7 is required.

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