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Frequently Asked Questions

For which Train Simulator software do we build add ons?

Our add ons are made for Train Simulator. They are not standalone products. Train Simulator is required as the base platform to use the trains that we create. The add ons that we create are unfortunately not compatible with Trainz, Microsoft Train Simulator, Open Rails or other Train Simulation applications. because they all use a different add on format and have different technical features. Train Simulator is supported and distributed by Dovetail Games. We are an independent software provider of Dutch add ons for Train Simulator.

What are the system requirements for Dutch Classics add ons?

There are no specific system requirements. In general it can be said: the more resources, the better. Your computer system should be able to run Train Simulator without too much delay or stuttering. General guidelins: Windows 7, 8, 10 with a minimum of 4 GB internal memory. In case you own a 64 bit operating system, 8 GB is recommended as a minimum of internal RAM. The graphics card should have at least 2 GB video memory and your computer should have a hard drive of recent model. An SSD (Solid State Drive) is advisable because they offer much extra performance when loading trains and routes. If you should notice that the performance of Train Simulator leaves to be desired, you can adjust the graphics settings or drive with shorter trains. In order to have as much RAM for Train Simulator available as possible, it is highly recommended to close non essential background processes, because they consume RAM and CPU resources.

I am not a technical specialist. Can I still install the Dutch Classics add ons?

The installation of Dutch Classics add ons is not too complicated, even for people without technical skills.

For which routes do you offer scenario's as part of the add ons?

The scenario's have been made for the routes Ruhr-Sieg, Seebergbahn and TestTrak.

There are freeware Dutch routes around. Why do you not create scenario's for those routes?

This choice has been made because of the nature of the freeware routes. For the freeware routes it often goes that you need to download and install additional scenery from many sources after installation of the route. This means that it can take considerable time and effort to make the routes playable. Moreover we do not have control over the consistency of those routes. If the routes are changed after scenario creation they may not work anymore. Therefore we only create scenarios for routes that are standard part of Train Simulator or for routes that can be acquired as an integral package. Unfortunately these are not Dutch routes, but if you own the routes you can get started with the Dutch Classics trains immediately after installation. If you should not have the routes, you can still use the trains in your own scenario's or you cvan use the quickdrive option to start with the trains in a route of your choice.

I have installed the trains, but I do not see them in Train Simulator. What now?

There are several options. If you did not install the scenario's that are part of the add on(s) or if you do not own the routes that the scenario's were made for, you do not see the scenario's in the menu of Train Simulator. This does not mean that you cannot use the trains. If you create your own scenario's you should be able to select the trains in a new scenario after you made them visible by enabling the Dutch Classics provider in the scenario editor. If you do not see the quickdrive consists, it is advisable to check if the installation of the add on was succesful. Install the add on again and check if error messages are displated. If you still cannot get going with the rolling stock, please contact us.