More about Dutch Classics

Dutch Classics is a label that was established in the summer of 2011. Our mission is to recreate Dutch railway history in high quality add ons for Train Simulator. The main designer of the rolling stock of Dutch Classics has almost fifteen years of experience in the world of railway simulations. Before Dutch Classics we concentrated on the creation of Dutch content for Microsoft Train Simulator and Trainz Railroad Simulator under a different name .

The thought behind the making of Dutch virtual content is most of all the recognizability. We aim for rolling stock that can hardly or not anymore at all be seen in the real world. This means that detailed information about the rolling stock is sometimes just missing, but we do our best to work around that limitation. Because there is more detail in the real world trains than we can recreate in the virtual train models we do our best to create a balance between detail and performance. Our viewpoint is that a high level of detail is important so that the trains that we create also look realistic in high resolution and from a close distance.

We do our best to recreate every type of rolling stock that we develop in such a way that it is received with enthusiasm and we hope that it will find its way to many virtual railways.

Questions, tips or remarks? For more information you can contact us.

Met vriendelijke groet,

Dutch Classics.